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Supporting payment and related service sales solutions is the basis of ensuring revenues, and this activity is essential for the vast majority of transport companies. In most cases, it means selling and promoting different types of tickets and passes. At the same time, New Line Ltd. is also ready to serve the more spreading virtual payment solutions such as physical and virtual card and mobile payment solutions.

In most cases, the systems listed here appear as third party services to service providers. However, integration with internal operations is critical, mainly because financial settlements need to be implemented consistently. Therefore, we have already integrated our systems with the major payment solutions used in Hungary.

Payment Systems in Stations and Stops

Ticket Office
Jegypénztári megoldások a New Line Kft-től

The cash desk sales system is a self-installing module that works really well in integration with the PTSS product family. Its primary task is to manage the sale and administration of various paper-based tickets, passes providing cash and credit card payments. 

The ticket office system is suitable for selling card-based tickets, passes, controlling usage, controlling cards and entitlements, recharging cards in various ways, and accounting them.

The system is a complete unit that provides cash management and print function in addition to the necessary computer and server units. There is also a mobile version of this that supports outbound sales.

Készpénzes és kártyás jegyautomata
Cash Ticket Vending Machine

The cash ticket vending machine is a robust outdoor and indoor sales unit capable of selling a wide variety of fee products and handling the cash flow associated with it.


Of course, the vending machine can also execute card payments, so it can perform almost the same functions as a cash desk’s manual system. 

By default, it works by supporting multilingualism, receipt supplying, security (alarm) function, cash withdrawal and recharge protection, or tamper protection.

Fali jegyautomata a New Line Kft-től
Wall-Mounted Card Ticket Vending Machine

The wall-mounted, ticket vending machine with card payment is typically used in smaller passenger traffic areas or as an additional vending machine.It can manage a wide variety of ticket and pass types.

The device delivered with a 12.1-inch, colour, graphics active touch screen. The vending machine can display information in three languages (Hungarian, English and German) via the display.

Tariffs and ticket types can be defined centrally and the device is capable of managing ticket parameters remotely. 

On-board Payment Systems

Fedélzeti jegyautomata a New Line Kft-től
On-Board Ticket Machine with Card Payment

The main function of the on-board vending machine with card payment is to relieve the driver of purchasing tickets. Passengers can easily purchase a paper-based premium product with their credit card, which can be time-based or travel-related. 

This device is also equipped with a colour, graphics active touch screen and can display information in all three languages (Hungarian, English and German) via a display. We also have an added feature for passenger comfort, as the ticket issued is automatically validated when purchasing it from the vending machine. 

Tariffs and ticket types can be defined centrally, and this device, similarly to a wall-mounted vending machine, is capable of managing ticket parameters remotely.

Fedélzeti jegyértékesítési megoldások
On-Board Ticket Sales

On-board ticket sales can be used to exchange local or intercity tickets from the driver. The ticket sales activity is fully integrated with the central systems, but manages interruptions well.

During the operation of the service, the OBU, the on-board printer and the cash desk are organised into a well-organised unit.


On-board ticket sales includes driver settlement, which not only applies to cash but also includes paper in the printer.

Jegyérvénesítő automaták a New line Kft-től
On-Board Ticket Validation

Validation and prevention of re-use of tickets used during the journey shall be performed by the on-board validator or ticket validator. Ticket validation is either done by printing and/or destroying.

On-board validators, when connected to e-ticket or ticket and pass sales with card payment, can also operate with advanced functionality.


The validators are fully integrated with the central system to provide advanced ticket validation functionality and can not only manage reading and writing of smartcards, but they can also be provided with any additional validation mechanism (e.g., barcode, QR code) as required.

Online Payment Systems

Közlekedési Mobiljegy Tatabányán
Public Transport Mobile Ticket

The public Transport Mobile Ticket service is incorporated in the function of the on-board computer (OBU) of the vehicles, Our central software and the central platform of the National Mobile Payment Co. are connected in real time to each other. The service was recently introduced into domestic public transport.


After downloading the Mobile Ticket application and registration, passengers can validate their ticket with the QR code visible on the bus side and show the driver the motion picture certifying their purchase. The driver receives the current validation code through the OBU from the systems.

This service is to be extended countrywide and further applications to be expected.

E-jegy megoldások a New Line Kft-től

There are several ways to introduce an electronic or e-ticket system: we are able to implement both card and mobile phone systems.


All Hungarian e-ticket systmes shall be integrated with the National Unified Ticket Platform (NEJP) system, so this service is in Hungary is based on a NEK-based card. If it is not a requirement to connect to the NEJP platform, we can implement e-tickets on any card platform, including bank card.


We can also provide service integration of additional background systems related to e-ticketing (settlement, card management, interfaces, certificate management, etc.).

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