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Univerzális Kijelzővezérlő a New Line Kft-től

The Universal Display Controller makes it possible to drive, remotely manage and equip with smart funkctions of different displays used in public transportation systems. 

Univerzális kijelzővezérlő a New Line Kft-től


Univerzális Kijelzővezérlő - Universal Display Controller

With using this device Public Transportation Systems Providers (PSPs) can reduce their operational expenses (OPEX) easily. They can manage their heterogeneous device pool used in different vehicles, places and bought from different vendors from only one software. Also, the device is capable of supporting remote management funkctions that further reduces everyday on-site visit costs. Reduced operational costs. More functions, remote management and homogenous service.
The built-in technology of the device makes it possible to extend fuctions of the displays and equip them with smart intelligence even if these are non-smart,older displays.  The controller is autonomously connects to a central server that guarantees the homogeneous passenger information service, device management and operation management.  

The incumbent passive displays can be enriched with new smart funkctions. Options to be extended with new sensors and metering modules. New visual and even autonomous funkctions can be introduced.

Old Displays with Quality Update
Control of New Displays
Increased Vendor Independency

The operation and control of new and old displays can be carried out with the same device and support system. Unified and homogenous functions independent from display age, size or vendors. 

The vendor dependency and exposure can be significantly reduced by this device and its control software. No more limited services, high support prices and costly vendor switching costs.  


Several Physical Interfaces
RS485 (ISO/IEC 8482) symmetric, GSM data, SMS and  LAN (10/100) symmetric interfaces towards local and remote networks and peripheries

Autonomous Functions
Time and temperature values or different visual effects (scroll, flash, paging etc.) can be displayed, and even preloaded content can be played locally without external connections.

Remote Configuration

During operation all parameters can be remotely given or adjusted inlcuding the autonomous functions. No site visit is needed which reduces operational costs.

Support of Standard Sizes
The controller handles different display sizes as long as they are built up with standardized panels (llike 32x16). Due to this capability it can be used on the boards of vehicles for smaller diaplays, in the bus stops for medium ones and in the stations for giant displays. 

Integrated Local Storage
The internal storage cache can be varied between 1-8 Mbyte which makes it possible to harmonize its flawless operation with the display size or operation method. 

Voice Amplifier Prepared
With an additional voice card the device is capable of transmitting and playing remote live voice or recorded audio files of text messages.

External and Internal Sensors

The device is capable of handling multiple analogue or digital sensors easily, like external light intensity, humidity level, internal and external temperature, or even sabotage or flood senensors. Data like power current level or UPS voltage level can be too obtained. It is also capable of measuring the network signal or the communications quality.

Small Size

Due to its small phisical dimensions (app. 64x124 mm) it can be easily mounted in any display type. No consol or cooling gill required.

Automatic Status Reports, Alerts

Based on given parameters the display controller sends automatic status reports and alerts to the operational center.

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